Overview of Red Rock Country
Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails.

Red Rock's Most Visited Trails

Most of the trails can be accessed on bikes and even on horse, but there are few, especially those going through designated wilderness areas that are on foot only. You can bring your dog, but keep him on the leash at all times.

We included a short review of some of the most popular hiking trails (for more detailed information please visit USDA).

Brins Mesa Trail – This is a very popular trail that conveniently starts at the outskirts of Sedona, making it easy accessible. Round trip is about 4.4 miles long. From the top of the mesa you can observe spectacularred rock formations like Chimney Rock Coffee Pot Rock, Wilson Mountain and others.

Boynton Canyon Trail – One of the most scenic trails, most of the trail follows the bottom of the canyon, offering excellent view of various plants and animals inhabiting the area. This is a very popular track among people looking to experience vortex energy. This trail is easily accessible, meaning that it often has plenty of hikers. The trail is 3 miles long one way.

Devil's Bridge Trail – Named after Devil’s bridge, large sandstone arch, which can be crossed on foot. But be careful, as it’s a 50 foot drop to the bottom. The trail is 1.8 miles long and with a mere 400 feet climb, it isn’t very demanding.

Bear Mountain Trail – This trail leading to the top of the mountain is very hard. There is no shade and the terrain is very rocky with steep ascent, but once you get to the top, you’ll see why this trail is so popular. The view is simple magnificent.

Doe Mountain Trail – This is moderate, 2.6 miles long trail that loops around the top of Doe Mountain. Total climb is some 400 feet, so it’s not very demanding and it offers great view as you go up.

West Creek Trail – The trail follows Oak Creek and depending on how far you want to go, it can be up to 14 miles long. The trail includes crossing the creek several times, sometimes stepping over stones and sometimes through shallow water. If you decide to go all the way, be warned. There will be wading involved and even some swimming. There are plenty of trees and shade and the area is absolutely magical in fall. This is the most popular trail in Coconino National Forest.

Secret Canyon Trail – This is a hard trail, up to 11 miles in length. It leads trough red rock canyon with great views but not much shade. It is also a part of Secret Canyon Loop, which is even more demanding.

Mountain Biking

Popular mountain bike trails include Llama Trail, Baldwin Trail, The Templeton Trail, Broken Arrow Trail and Little Horse Trail. All these trails are in the vicinity of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Courthouse butte, offering fantastic view of red rock formation scenery. Some of the trails pass close by Munds Mountain Wilderness, where bikes aren’t allowed, so please take extra caution not to go off the trail.

You can also enjoy the area the old way, from the back of a horse. Most of the trails allow horses and there are several ranches around Sedona that’ll be happy to take you on an organized tour.

Please remember that there are certain rules you must observe while on hike. Leave nothing behind and take nothing with you on your way back.

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