Experience Oak Creek
and Verde River fishing

Red Rock Streams and Creeks

First stop for fishing in red Rock Country is usually Oak Creek, flowing through a gorge often referred to as a smaller cousin of The Grand Canyon. One of the most scenic fishing grounds in the United States, Oak Creek offers not just amazing fishing, but also unsurpassed landscape. There are plenty of pools that house rainbow and brown trout. Regularly stocked with fish, the stream is regarded as technical among fly fishers and requires stealthy approach and plenty of patience. Easily accessible, Oak Creek offers several developed camping grounds and picnic areas with restrooms.

Another premium fishing site is Verde River. Still relatively unknown, Verde River offers divers fish species like trout, bass, carp, catfish and sunfish. One of Arizona’s only two Wild and Scenic Rivers, Verde River is everything fisherman can hope for. Plenty of fish, plenty of unoccupied space and its beautiful landscape add to its growing popularity in fishermen’s community.

If you are looking for more than just fishing, there are several sites in Red Rock Country that are ideal for you. One of them is Fossil Creek. Named after large number of fossils trapped in calcium deposits called travertine, Fossil Creek is Arizona’s second Wild and Scenic River. Another side effect of travertine is that it forms numerous pools favored by trout. Once tired of fishing (well, tired is probably a strong word) you can take a hike on one of several trails in the vicinity. Fishing in Fossil Creek is restricted to certain areas, so make sure you are familiar with the rules. Also, roundtail chub is catch and release only. Every chub caught must be returned to water unharmed. Fishing is allowed on Fossil Creek from October through April.

Wet Beaver Creek, hidden in deep red rock canyon, is a clear, shallow stream serving as a base for its oasis. Its lush green vegetation is an amazing contrast to the surrounding desert. Home to the several varieties of songbirds, the canyon is usually filled with their sounds. If you are looking for some solitude, this is a place for you. The stream is stocked with both rainbow and brown trout. Your starting point should be Beaver Creek Campground, equipped with restrooms. You can get there on gravel forest road which, depending on the weather, isn’t always accessible to sedans.

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